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Motor Pumps Assembly & Roatry Pumps
Motor Pumps Assemblies & Rotary Pumps are accessible in different capacity, weight and voltage consumption based choices.  These pumps are suitable for medium as well as low pressure based oil discharging purpose.  Manufacturing technology of these pumps conforms to international norms.
Hand Operated Piston Pumps
Stainless steel and aluminum made Hand Operated Piston Pumps can be availed in different flow rate based choices. These high performance pumps have in built safety valves and auto relief arrangement. 4 CC per stroke discharge rate and non automatic centralized lubrication facility are the key aspects of these pumps.
Grease Lubrication System
This range of manual grease pumps has significant role in smooth transferring of lubricating solutions. Compact in shape, these pumping solutions have excellent discharge rate and high operating pressure. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
Pnematic/Hydraulic Operated Piston Pumps
Pneumatic/Hydraulic Operated Piston Pumps are effective in consistent transferring of hydraulic fluids at high operating pressure. Long working life, low power consumption and reasonable price are the key characteristics of this array of pumps.
Cam Operated Piston Pumps
Cam Operated Piston Pumps are used for smooth transferring of oil. Excellent volumetric performance, multi head design, uninterrupted fluid flow and leakage proof design are the key characteristics of this array of pumps.
Grease Feeder
This range of Grease Feeders can be availed in different reservoir capacity based choices. These machines are instrumental in lubricating motor pulley, ball bearing and other movable parts of industrial machines. Long working life, low maintenance design and long working life are the key aspects of these machines.
Grease Pump
This range of air operated and pneumatically driven Grease Pumps has automatic priming function. Fuel efficient mechanism, long working life, ergonomic design and low operating cost are the key aspects of this array of pumps.
In-Line Filter
In-Line Filter (Basket Type) has significant role in effective draining of dirt filled oil from filter body. These types of basket type filters can effectively remove contaminated oil without hampering normal operation of pipelines. User friendly mechanism is one of their main aspects.
Mist Lubrication System
Mist Lubrication Systems have significant role in lubricating mechanical gears of industrial machines utilized in textile, printing and other arena. Managed by pressure regulation valve, these lubricating systems have low operating cost.
Dual Line Grease Lubrication System
Dual Line Grease Lubrication Systems are well known for their user friendly mechanism, long working life and error free operation. Motor controlled mechanism, long working life, low maintenance cost and low noise generation are the key aspects of these systems.
Electronic Lubrication Timer/Controllers
Electronic Lubrication Timer/Controllers are well known for their high sensitivity level and long working life. These systems can maintain their functional stability even during fluctuating voltage condition. Short response time is one of their key aspects.